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Swiss completes 1.1 million refund requests totalling $640 million

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Swiss has completed its processing of 1.1 million ticket refund requests, issuing refunds totalling more than CHF 585 million ($640 million).

The refund requests from direct customers and Swiss tour operators dating until September have been processed and settled, the company said.

More recent ticket refund requests continue to be processed on a rolling basis, and October will see the processing times involved shorten further to their usual pre-pandemic levels.

“I am very pleased that we have been able to eliminate the previous backlog with these ticket refund requests and fulfil the Swiss Confederation’s requirement as planned,” said Swiss chief commercial officer, Tamur Goudarzi Pour.

“Travel agents and tour operators have also been able to use the automated refund function in our GDS again since the end of July, which has also helped to normalise the refund payment process for our distribution partners.”

“We have kept our promise, but I would still like to offer our sincere apologies once again to all the customers concerned for the inconveniences they have incurred.”

The airline says that it will continue to process more recent ticket refund requests on a rolling basis. These are constantly being received as flights have to be cancelled owing to new travel warnings or customers simply find themselves unable to travel.

In view of this, the numbers of pending refund requests will continue to evolve and gradually decline, but will not be eliminated entirely. The waiting times for such refunds will, however, diminish as early as October to the usual levels experienced before the present coronavirus pandemic.

Customers can continue to plan their travels with maximum flexibility. All Swiss tickets in all fare categories are re-bookable free of charge as many times as the customer wishes or needs. The option applies to all new bookings worldwide, be they for short, medium or long-haul travel.

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