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T2RLEngage Preview: Airline case studies to shed light on modern retailing

Next month’s T2RLEngage conference will feature insights from a broad range of airlines about how they are embracing emerging digital retailing and distribution technologies.

The event, that will take place on September 18-20 at the QEII conference centre in Westminster, London, expects to attract around 450 aviation executives.

As media partner for T2RLEngage Aviation Business News will be covering the two-day event that will feature airline cases studies involving Southwest, Aer Lingus, Play, Air Canada, Gulf Air and American Airlines.

On the opening morning of the conference chief commercial officer of Swiss International Air Lines, Tamur Goudarzi Pour will explain how new offer order platforms are poised to free carriers from legacy constraints on how and what they can retail

Bert Craven, T2RL deputy chief executive and president airline technology, said: “We are excited to include a range of airline speakers at T2RLEngage 2023, who will be sharing their ideas and explorations into offer order transformation, which will provide delegates with valuable insight for consideration as they develop their own strategies.”

T2RLEngage Airline Speaker Highlights:

New capabilities drive New Opportunities

Tuesday September 19, 12.05-12.25

With the full adoption of Offers and Orders, airlines will no longer face constraints on what they can sell and how they can sell it.

This is what Modern Airline Retailing is all about, and this will drive benefits for the carriers and their customers alike.

Swiss International Air Lines and Lufthansa Group are determined to exploit the new technologies to delight travellers in the advent of the new dawn of travel experiences.

 Towards Offers and Orders

Tuesday September 19, 15.25-15.40 – Airline Core Systems Track

Air Canada managing director revenue optimisation Richard Cleaz-Savoyen and senior director distribution payments Keith Wallis explore how the airline is building and executing on its vision, accounting for commercial, technical and operational challenges and objectives.

It’s worth it – Gulf Air’s journey to NDC and retailing

Tuesday September 19, 14.20-14.25 – Distribution, Selling and Servicing Track

Join Vikas Manra, Gulf Air senior manager business development and distribution, and Kris van Dijken, TPConnects vice president – product (airline solutions), discuss the carrier’s retailing transformation powered by TPConnects.

Providing modern retailing experience with a breakthrough ticket exchange solution

Tuesday September 19, 14.20-14.35 – Airline Core Systems Track

Learn how an innovative idea by Accelya and American Airlines enables TMCs to exchange legacy EDIFACT tickets for NDC tickets, thus addressing a challenge for travel retailers as they transition to using NDC.

Speakers: Anthony Rader, American Airline director airline retailing technology and John Stewart Accelya head of business development.

It’s Time

Tuesday September 19, 15.55-16.10 – Airline Core Systems Track

Southwest shares its experience of upgrading revenue management to deliver improved retailing and improve top line performance.

Vice president revenue management and pricing Matt Louis will talk to Amadeus head of business development offer order Remy Le Guen about how the GDS’ new revenue management system and its use of leading science will support the airline to make modern retailing a reality, end to end.

Providing airlines with the speed, agility and control to enable a connected customer experience

Tuesday September 19, 16.40-16.45 – Airline Core Systems Track

Irish flag carrier Aer Lingus will showcase the work it has done with Datalex for over 15 years building digital foundations through ‘Astral,’ the technology developer’s proprietary Passenger Services System.

Hear how the partners have collaborated on a joint technology strategy roadmap which leverages the latest in digital commerce innovation. This gives Aer Lingus the ownership, control, speed and agility to future-proof its digital retail strategy and enhance its connected customer experience.

Speakers: Louise Gavin, Aer Lingus head of tech delivery for customer and strategy and Bryan Porter, chief revenue officer at Datalex.

How are airlines moving the dial in airline distribution? 

Wednesday September 20, 15.15-15.35

Adrian Keating, executive director commercial at Play and George Bryan, senior director distribution at Hawaiian Airlines will discuss their perspective on distribution and how their tactics aim to propel them towards selling in a leaner, more effective manner, while increasing value for themselves and the customer.

A perspective on modern retailing transformation

Wednesday September 20, 16.10-16.30

Anthony Rader, American Airlines director airline retailing technology, and Jim Davidson, vice president Accelya Group, will share their perspectives on modern retailing transformation.

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