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Uzbekistan Airways deploys SITA Mission Watch to drive savings on weather delays

Uzbekistan Airways is to deploy next-generation flight tracking technology with the adoption of SITA Mission Watch.

The carrier expects the technology to make it more operationally agile and efficient, and achieve $600,000 savings for weather-related incidence avoidance and 300 tonnes of fuel.

The SITA Mission Watch tool is used by dispatchers and operational teams to aggregate and automate aircraft positions using real-time information, such as weather.

The weather feed provides multi-source forecasts for greater reliability and accuracy allowing dispatchers to anticipate changing conditions.

Weather events are a primary cause of flight delays and cost the industry around $1 billion annually.

SITA said accurate weather information can lead to improved contingency fuel management.

Shukhrat Khudaykulov, chief executive of Uzbekistan Airways, said: “We turned to SITA for their expertise in delivering reliable digital solutions for our industry.

“SITA Mission Watch will be a key operational tool for our flight dispatchers to support from a flight planning and safety perspective, including the ability to adapt when faced with disruptions like changing weather.”

Yann Cabaret, chief executive of, SITA For Aircraft, added: “Inefficiencies – such as missed on-time performance due to weather disruptions – cost airlines money in fuel, compensation, repairs, etc. Our applications are designed to help airlines to stay ahead and improve aircraft safety and operational efficiency.”

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