Air Saint-Pierre takes delivery of a new ATR 42-600

ATR Air Saint Pierre

ATR, which recently released two new editions of its upgrades catalogues, says Air Saint-Pierre has taken delivery of its new ATR 42-600 aircraft following the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding in July 2018.

Air Saint-Pierre provides essential connectivity to the three main islands of Saint Pierre and flies both passengers and goods to Miquelon, St. John’s, the Magdalen Islands, Halifax and Montreal. According to the manufacturer, the new aircraft will replace the airline’s existing 42-500 which has been in operation since 2009.

The aircraft manufacturer says ATR‑600’s proven ability to operate effectively in windy conditions is vital for Air Saint-Pierre. The -600 series can take off and land in cross wind conditions of 45 knots, a unique capability which enables the airline to offer reliable air services to its communities.

Benoît Olano, chief executive officer of Air Saint-Pierre, said: “We are looking forward to starting operations with our new ATR aircraft. We have been flying ATR since 1994, starting with an ATR 42‑320, and the turboprop’s unique capabilities and continuous improvement have made it the ideal aircraft for our operations over the years. We will continue to provide to the people of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon the connectivity they need, along with greater comfort, whilst limiting our impact on the environment.”

ATR’s chief executive officer Stefano Bortoli commented: “There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a loyal customer upgrade its fleet. Delivering regional connectivity in the challenging operational conditions of Saint‑Pierre and Miquelon and its neighbouring islands takes a special aircraft and the ATR 42-600 is the perfect fit.

“The airline’s operations are vital for the archipelago’s communities and we are truly glad to see our aircraft once again accomplish what they have been designed for: to connect people and places responsibly, no matter how remote.”

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