Azul to use SkyBreathe 360° eco-flying platform

Brazilian low cost carrier Azul  is to deploy fuel efficiency software SkyBreathe, the new fuel management system that will help improve efficiency and reduce costs by accurately tracking and analyzing fuel usage on the ground and during flights.

The SkyBreathe 360° eco-flying platform developed by the French cleantech company OpenAirlines uses advanced algorithms, AI, and machine learning to automatically analyze the billions of flight data generated by the 167 aircraft operated by Azul. SkyBreathe also considers variables such as weather conditions, payload, and flight routes to produce highly accurate fuel metrics. By identifying the most relevant fuel-saving opportunities, the AI-driven software could lead to up to 5% fuel savings and improve the overall efficiency of Azul’s operations.

The platform empowers each member of the fuel team – flight operations engineers, dispatchers, maintenance engineers, pilots, and chief pilots – to implement the best fuel efficiency practices across the airline’s operations. The collaborative and user-friendly interface is designed for operators to see their actual environmental performances and remaining fuel-saving potential at a glance for quick decision-making. Pilots also benefit from a dedicated user-friendly mobile app called MyFuelCoach to debrief on each fuel-saving best practice applied during a flight and prepare for their next flight.

“We are excited to roll out this innovative fuel management system, which will help us reduce fuel costs but also allow us to operate more sustainably,” says Diogo Youssef, Flight Operations Engineering & Dispatch SR Manager at Azul.

“Creating a sustainable business is fundamental to our long-term growth; to do that, we are always working to reduce the impact on the planet. This new system is a key tool to support and enable fuel efficiency practices so that we can play our full part in tackling climate change.”

“At OpenAirlines, we take our responsibility seriously to help lead aviation industry efforts to decarbonize their flights. We are delighted about this partnership with Azul, as they are committed to a sustainable future, it is the first airline in Brazil to join the SkyBreathe community, and we hope they will inspire many more to join them in the global race to fight the climate crisis“, says Alexandre Feray, CEO and founder of OpenAirlines.

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