Norwegian low-cost carrier Flyr and AI technology business FLYR Labs are to work together to increase to boost the airline’s revenue performance and enhance customer value and cost optimisation.

“As a digitally minded airline, we are excited about the strategic partnership with FLYR Labs. Their capabilities align perfectly with our own state-of-the-art IT platform, which has earned investments near 100 MNOK (€9.3 million). This strategic partnership will enable us to extend our platform with the latest cutting-edge technologies across our business and provide our customers with an improved user experience through more tailored offerings, while at the same time optimizing our commercial performance and cost-savings through better decision-making,” said CEO Brede Huser of Flyr.

As the world’s first pure native IATA ONE Order airline, Flyr said it already boasts unique expertise in this area and has developed brand new proprietary and cost-efficient IT solutions. The new partnership with FLYR Labs will build on the airline’s in-house developed accounting, settlement, and billing technologies by pairing them with new capabilities across offer and order management and AI-powered decision intelligence.

“From a cost perspective, our platform reduces distribution and sales costs by over 50% compared to our competitors. From a technology perspective, the platform provides a frictionless digital customer journey with a high conversion rate, demonstrated by the fact that we have a share of up to 50% of all bookings made on a mobile phone. As we own all our data, we have access to large amounts of information that enable cost-effective communication with the individual traveller. We have experienced significant interest from other industry players who request assistance and to potentially access components from our platform, or simply to ‘hire’ our IT department,“ added Huser.

FLYR Labs integrates AI-based pricing, forecasting, and retailing capabilities and is backed by major investors. Founded years apart, the coincidental namesake companies extend their existing partnerships on the back of the AirBroker ONE platform, a business acquired by FLYR Labs in 2022. The expanded engagement will provide Flyr with AI-based pricing and forecasting capabilities across products, and access to an enhanced booking engine that unleashes next-generation retailing capabilities. Included under the agreement are dynamic ancillary pricing capabilities that maximize conversion and revenue. The solution allows for optimization at different customer touchpoints, ensuring that customers can be provided with the right product, at the right price, and in the right channel.

“It’s a pleasure to work with an airline that actively pursues technology for the betterment of its business and its customers,” said Alex Mans, founder and CEO of FLYR Labs. “Our revenue operating System will help Flyr’s decision-making, resulting in improved outcomes across its commercial functions and more personalized customer experiences. This partnership is also a great opportunity for FLYR Labs, as it will showcase the full power of our end-to-end solution portfolio.”

With FLYR’s commercial intelligence and optimization platform coupled with the backend capability developed by Flyr for billing, settlement, and accounting, the combination represents an industry-first example of a “One Order” operated airline. These capabilities will come together for live operation at Flyr by mid-2023.

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