Regional specialist Falko’s portfolio totals 266 aircraft across 44 customers

Asset manager and aircraft lessor Falko added eight aircraft to its portfolio during the third quarter of this year.

Eight aircraft were sold, four aircraft were delivered on lease to customers in Europe and the lease on one aircraft was extended. In addition, letters of intent were signed in relation to the acquisition of four aircraft and the placement of three aircraft on lease.

Activity was focused on the regional jet sector with deals covering both the CRJ and EJet products. Eight CRJ900s were sold to a North American customer and six E170s were acquired on lease to a European carrier. In terms of placement activity, one E190 was delivered to Airlink in South Africa and in Europe three E195s were delivered to SAS Link.

As at 30 September 2022, Falko and its affiliates portfolio totalled 266 aircraft on lease to 44 customers worldwide.

Commenting on the quarter’s activity, Mark Hughes Falko’s chief commercial officer stated: “We are delighted to be able to announce transactions relating to twenty-eight aircraft in our portfolio during the quarter across all main regional aircraft types. This quarter reflected increased transaction volume involving regional jet products including both CRJ and EJet variants. We have been pleased to see firm demand for a wide range of EJet products (E170/E190/E195) in Europe, with thirteen aircraft included in this quarter’s activity. We are encouraged that the positive fundamentals of the regional aircraft market are reflected in this quarter’s portfolio activity.”

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