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Ryain has confirmed that it will close its Frankfurt base on 31 March.

The low-cost European airline said it has been left with “no alternative” after Frankfurt airport price increases made it “uncompetitive with European airports”.

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Ryanair said in a statement: “While Ryanair continues to invest in Germany, the German government continues to protect legacy carriers, such as Lufthansa who have soaked up €9bn in State aid rather than introduce non-discriminatory traffic recovery schemes open to all airlines.”

The airline said it will subsequently reallocate its five aircraft at the base to airports that have responded with lower airport charges to stimulate traffic recovery.

“We have no alternative in response to a decision from the airport to increase its airport fees, despite the collapse in traffic caused by the covid-19 pandemic,” said Ryanair’s director of commercial Jason McGuinness.

“While Ryanair continues to invest in German airports who understand the requirement to lower airport charges to recover traffic, competition in the German market has been massively distorted by the €9bn of State aid that was pumped into Lufthansa, who continues to cut its fleet, connections, and jobs.”

All Ryainair flights to and from Frankfurt am Main will subsequently be cancelled from 31 March 2022.

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