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Sabre and Spotnana expand partnership to include NDC content

By: Megan Lohden

Sabre and Spotnana expanded their partnership to include NDC content and streamlined booking for corporate travel

According to both companies, this collaboration provides travel management companies (TMCs) and corporate travellers with a wider range of travel options.

Including personalised offers and bundled services, simplifying the booking experience, and providing TMCs and corporate buyers with increased flexibility in choosing how to source and manage NDC content.

The integration combines NDC content with existing booking functionalities within Spotnana’s Travel-as-a-Service platform. TMCs can compare and book NDC offers alongside traditional options, simplifying the entire booking process.

This partnership reinforces both companies to an open platform approach.  Spotnana’s travel platform works with any source of content, including NDC content from multiple providers, allowing TMCs to thrive in a dynamic landscape.

Sabre claims its API-first approach allows travel agencies, corporations, and online booking tools to flexibly access the content from leading airlines, creating the right balance between personalization, policy, and price.

Bill Brindle, vice president, content and commercials at Spotnana, said: “Spotnana is committed to delivering a frictionless travel experience for corporate travelers, and this expanded partnership with Sabre is a significant step forward.

By integrating Sabre’s NDC content, we’re empowering travel management companies to offer their clients a wider variety of flight options, including more choices for amenities and preferred seating, while streamlining the shopping booking process.”

Kathy Morgan, vice president, product management at Sabre, said: “Sabre is a leader in NDC adoption, and we are constantly seeking new ways to bring the benefits of this technology to the corporate travel sector.

Our expanded partnership with Spotnana allows us to reach a wider audience of corporate travellers and travel management companies. By working together, we can unlock the full potential of NDC and create a more personalised travel experience for business travellers around the world.”


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