Regional carrier Mesa Airlines is giving pilot applicants the opportunity to become a United Airlines captain after 24 months of flying for Mesa.

Pilots who sign on will receive a $110,000 bonus following their two-year run at Mesa. While employed at Mesa as a captain, pilots can earn between $150 to $215 per flight hour.

The offer follows Mesa’s announcement in December that it signed a new five-year deal with United and would stop regional flying for American Airlines.

United also agreed to use Mesa’s American Eagle aircraft for United Express operations and to cover the cost of a pilot pay increase in order for for Mesa to remain competitive. In return, United took a 10% stake in Mesa worth $10.5 million. Mesa has undertaken to fly regionally for no one other than United.

Qualified candidates must have their Airline Transport Pilot Licence and a minimum of 1,000 hours of qualifying flying experience, 100 hours within the previous 12 months.

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