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A321-200PCF freighter completes test flight

A321-200PCF freighter first flight takeoff

321 Precision Conversions has completed the first post-conversion flight of the company’s A321-200PCF freighter.

321 Precision Conversions is a a joint venture between Aircraft Transport Services Group (ATSG) and Precision Aircraft Solutions (PAS). According to Precision Aircraft Solutions, the passenger A321 aircraft was converted to a Precision Conversions 321-200PCF by Avocet MRO Services based in Sanford, Florida.

The company’s  president Gary Warner confirmed the event took place, stating: “This milestone flight was nominal in all respects, with all primary and secondary systems, including the cargo door and supporting sub-systems, functioning perfectly as designed.

“Based on the results of this maintenance test flight –a prerequisite prior to entering certification flight testing – we look forward to a brisk progression to full certification.”

ATSG president and CEO, Rich Corrado said: “Our goal was to produce an A321 freighter designed to be the best freighter for the mission. That means the best for the operators who operate it, the best for crews who fly it and load it, and the best for the investors who own it. In short, the best designed cargo conversion for all parties, available for the A321—one of finest air transport aircraft flying. By all measure, we have accomplished that.”

Precision Aircraft Solutions, a major aircraft modification, product manufacturing and services company, has earned its stripes converting the B757 from passenger aircraft into air cargo freighters for industry-leading companies around the world.

ATSG is a leading provider of aircraft leasing and air cargo transportation and related services to domestic and foreign air carriers and other companies that outsource their air cargo lift requirements.

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