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Airbus wins two Flight Hour Services contracts and new Skywise user

Airbus has gained its first A220 and A330 Flight Hour Services customers in Africa with Air Tanzania and Uganda Airlines respectively signing deals.

In a further announcement, Middle East Airlines has joined the community of Skywise Health Monitoring (SHM) users.

In the Flight Hour Services deals, Airbus said Air Tanzania and Uganda Airlines would benefit from material services including on-site-stock, access to Airbus’ spares pools and components engineering and repair services around the world. Airbus will also guarantee spare parts availability.

Middle East Airlines is a longstanding Airbus customer will be the 50th airline to join the SHM community, with the aim of optimising the maintenance of its fleets. Airbus said SHM would support the airline’s maintenance and engineering teams by enabling real-time management of aircraft events and troubleshooting.

Using the Skywise aviation data platform, SHM collates and centralises alerts, flight-deck effects, maintenance messages, prioritises them, and correlates any faults with the relevant troubleshooting procedures. It also highlights operational impacts and provides the maintenance history of the system, according to Airbus, while helping airlines anticipate and provision for tools and parts to be available closest to the aircraft.

Beirut-based Middle East Airlines will use the solution for its entire fleet of A320 and A330 family aircraft.

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