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Magnetic MRO sells Boeing 737-400 parts after successful teardown project

Magnetic MRO, a member of the Magnetic Group, has successfully dismantled a Boeing 737-400 that had previously been inactive for seven years.

The company said this was a rare opportunity to acquire the entire aircraft, but before any teardown activities could commence, their legal and customs teams had to navigate strict customs clearance and auction procedures.

The aircraft’s components were sold in the open market and are to repurposed for the construction of a flight simulator dedicated to pilot training.

Magnetic MRO said the entire teardown process of the aircraft involved almost every department and took just four days because of the team’s expertise and choice of tools such as a large wire cutter.

Jan Kotka, chief operating officer at Magnetic Group, said: “More than 50 employees contributed to this first-of-its kind opportunity. This is the Magnetic way — we never shy away from challenges and new experiences.”

The packing and distribution of the aircraft parts continues, with small to bulky items to be transported by sea and shipped to customers, including those faced with AOGs.

Before starting any teardown activities, there was a strict customs clearance and auction procedures to follow. Credit: Laura Pedjak

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