CTI Systems makes breakthrough with anti-collision aircraft approach control system

CTI Systems

CTI Systems has implemented a “revolutionary” anti-collision aircraft approach control system as the first step towards the automation of teleplatforms.

The ‘Twin Scan Control’ system allows greater precision in aircraft approach through automatic distance control, the company said. The result of two years of research and development by CTI Systems, it has been launched in one of SATYS’ paint shops in Blagnac, France.

Twin Scan Control is based on a real image of the aircraft and not a 3D surface model, CTI Systems said. As a result, it uses the real aircraft shape including deflection of aircraft structure and position of moving parts like flaps.

The system not only controls the teleplatform speeds depending on the distance to the aircraft skin, but also stops the equipment without the operator’s intervention at a preset distance, so avoiding touching the aircraft envelope.

The system also facilitates operations on the periphery of the aircraft with the target of achieving “the highest possible level of safety and quality result”.

CTI Systems said the innovation opened the door “to the automated trajectory movement of teleplatforms, and consequently to future robotisation”.

CTI Systems

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