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Czech Airlines Technics launches 737 MAX maintenance at Prague hangar

Czech Airlines

Czech Airlines Technics is now offering 737 MAX base maintenance services, with LOT Polish Airlines becoming the first customer.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic recently granted authorisation for Czech Airlines Technics to extend its service offering to the 737 MAX.

Overhauls of the aircraft type will be performed in the Czech MRO’s hangar at Václav Havel Airport in Prague.

“Boeing 737 MAX aircraft are being included in airline fleets all over the world. Therefore, we have decided that now is the right time to expand our service portfolio with this aircraft type, thus offering customers our assistance upon their gradual return to service,” said Czech Airlines Technics chairman Pavel Haleš.

“In addition, quieter, more economical and more environmentally friendly aircraft will be increasingly sought after due to the current situation in aviation and greater emphasis on sustainable travel. As such, they will become the future direction of our base maintenance division, too.”

Czech Airlines Technics said base maintenance was part of a package of services it offers to clients interested in long-term aircraft parking. “As there is a great demand for aircraft storage on the market, we will secure the parking of an additional six 737-8 MAX aircraft at Václav Havel Airport Prague for major leasing companies in the coming weeks,” Haleš said.

“Thanks to the extension of our base maintenance division authorisation with this aircraft type, we will also provide owners with hangar maintenance and ensure the aircraft airworthiness as soon as new operators are found.”

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