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Deutsche Aircraft and ASE agree on power and distribution system for the D328eco


Deutsche Aircraft and the aerospace Italian company ASE S.p.A. have announced an agreement for the AC Primary Power Generation and Distribution Systems for the D328eco, the new regional 40-seater sustainable turboprop from Deutsche Aircraft.

The AC electrical system from ASE mainly consist of two 25 kVA AC generators, two Generator Control Units (GCU) and two Primary Power Distribution Unit (PDU).

The AC generators are attached to the propeller gear box which provides the appropriate RPM.

Each generator is controlled by its GCU and outputs the power to the two-channel primary power distribution unit. From there, power is supplied to all AC loads via the secondary power distribution system.

The D328eco aircraft is being developed by Deutsche Aircraft to deliver significant improvements in operational and maintenance costs as well as reductions in overall carbon footprint. The OEM states this is in line with its vision and strategic road map towards a more sustainable future for aviation.

The D328eco is said to offer maximum flexibility, as it is able to operate on existing aviation fuel as well as being blended with up to 100 per cent H2-PtL. The aircraft will be assembled in the paperless Final Production Line (FAL) in Leipzig, Germany.

Giuseppe D’Alò, chief executive of ASE, said: “We’re proud to announce that we’ve been selected as the AC electrical system supplier for Deutsche Aircraft’s new turboprop D328eco, the innovative fixed wing civilian aircraft which is designed to have a lower environmental impact, with comfort and efficiency.”

Fausto Cosentino, chief business officer at ASE, said: “Our AC electrical system will complement the D328eco by being very light, compact and silent.

“ASE is honoured to collaborate with Deutsche Aircraft on such an innovative project. This partnership aligns with our philosophy of care towards the environment and our love for technology.”

Maximillian Fahr, vice president of supply chain at Deutsche Aircraft, said: “ASE is our ideal partner that is prepared to support the D328eco Program with strong project management and integration capabilities across the entire lifecycle of the aircraft.

“Furthermore, the regional capabilities are a key factor in the supplier selection process along product reliability, and the collaborative approach and experience will ensure compliance with the Program schedule and ramp-up.”

Above picture: (left) Giuseppe D’Alò and (right) Fausto Cosentino)

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