European expansion: AJW Group launches new MRO facility near London Gatwick

AJW Group has expanded its maintenance services into Europe with the launch of a new MRO facility near London Gatwick Airport.

Called AJW Technique Europe, the MRO will begin with a specialisation in battery repair. AJW Group has acquired Avia Component Services in order to deliver this capability.

Battery repair services include deep cycle, top charge, cleaning, re-blocking, regular service, overhaul, test and recertification for all commercial aircraft main, auxiliary, and emergency power supplies.

AJW Technique Europe is located near Gatwick in order to “meet AJW Group’s flagship customers’ needs”, the company said. The aim is for AJW Technique Europe to deliver the same customer service and quality as the group’s existing MRO facility in Montreal, AJW Technique.

“We are delighted to announce the strategic expansion of our world-class maintenance services into Europe, enabling us to continuously meet and exceed regional customer needs,” said AJW Group’s chairman and CEO Christopher Whiteside (pictured above).

AJW Technique’s CEO Sajedah Rustom (pictured below) commented: “We are immensely proud and excited to expand in Europe, where we look forward to delivering our highly-regarded, innovative repair services and solutions, on the doorstep of all the European airlines.”

AJW Technique Europe will begin with a specialisation in battery repair

Sajedah Rustom

AJW Technique inside Technopark facility
AJW Technique has been serving customers in Montreal for almost 10 years
Above and below: Inside the AJW Technique Europe battery repair shop

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