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GAMECO expands Guangzhou capacity with third hangar

Chinese MRO company GAMECO has expanded its maintenance capacity with the completion of a third hangar.

The company marked the occasion by towing a CSN A380 and B747 into the new hangar at its Guangzhou base.

The ‘Phase III’ hangar consists of a 34,000 sqm maintenance hall with a span of 334 metres, a three-floor office and workshop building, and a 15,000 sqm basement for parking, civil defence and equipment storage.

The hangar can simultaneously park 6 widebody aircraft and 5 narrowbody aircraft – and is designed to accommodate various aircraft types such as the A380, A330, B777, B787, A320 and B737.

GAMECO described the expansion as a “key development project” and its completion “strengthens the position of Guangzhou airport economic zone as an important national aircraft maintenance centre”.

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