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“Hard work and intelligent effort”: Magnetic MRO launches asset management programme


Magnetic MRO has launched an asset management programme aimed at both airlines and lessors.

The Tallinn, Estonia-headquartered company estimates that a full asset management programme can cut flight operators’ costs by 20-30 per cent, while significantly increasing efficiency.

Magnetic MRO noted that many small and midsize airlines have limited resources “to follow and to get professionally prepared for APU and landing gear scheduled maintenance events”. Hesitating in taking a decision to solve maintenance events combined with a lack of market knowledge could lead to service delays and additional costs, it said.

The company’s new total asset management solution has been created with cost-saving and smart management in mind and focuses on customers’ fleets, “ensuring smooth maintenance processes, as well as aircraft operations and starting from advanced asset evaluation to serviceable unit installation”.

Magnetic MRO vice president asset trading and leasing Eigirdas Keblikas commented: “We really worked hard on this project and are excited to finally launch it – [the] newly introduced asset management programme is proof that quality is never an accident; it is always the result of hard work and intelligent effort that can be beneficial for customers, especially in trying times like now.”

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