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Honeywell launches leasing option for GoDirect Trade


GoDirect Trade, an aviation parts e-commerce platform by Honeywell, has enabled a new leasing inventory listing feature.

To date, GoDirect Trade has more than 7,000 registered users and sales of more than $8 million worldwide.

Honeywell says its engine and APU rental bank is one of the first participants of the new leasing inventory listing feature, which allows registered sellers on the platform to offer products under a lease option and provides an option to help the aviation industry offload inventory during the pandemic.

“We want to solve the real and evolving business needs of our customers,” said GoDirect Trade general manager Lisa Butters. “The COVID-19 pandemic has led to challenging times for many airlines, and this leasing option presents a unique opportunity to help them conserve cash without purchasing. It also ensures aircraft readiness with the needed parts.”

Growing demand

According to Honeywell, the company has seen a growing number of airlines begin using the e-commerce platform, selling and trading aircraft parts through storefronts on the site.

GoDirect Trade is being introduced continuing improvements to enhance the user experience, Honeywell says, with new features including a quick-ship functionality. This allows sellers to mark inventory eligible for near-immediate shipping. To meet customers’ urgent needs, the seller can then process the selected quick-ship parts within 24 hours of checkout.

“The pandemic is catalysing digital transformation, and we believe airlines will continue to take advantage of this digital platform as the travel industry recovers,” Butters said.

Honeywell says its GoDirect Trade platform is the first online marketplace for aircraft parts using blockchain technology to help increase buyer trust, hold sellers accountable and improve the efficiency of the sales process.

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