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IAI becomes MRO one-stop-shop [sponsored]


As part of IAI Aviation Group’s ‘One Stop Shop’ strategy, Bedek MRO Services maintains an engine MRO operation that mostly supports commercial jet engines for narrow and wide body aircraft.

“Our competitors are often the big airlines that have in-house MRO operations for their engines,” commented Alex Marom, Engine MRO director at IAI’s Aviation Group. “however, Bedek is one of a very few companies that provide a very wide range of MRO services to meet the needs of aircraft operators.”

IAI supports the CFM56 in the 3, 5, and 7 series of engines and the IAE V2500 engine, which are used on narrow body aircraft. We also support the P&W PW4000 engines used on B747, B767, MD11 and Airbus aircraft. IAI also continues to support the P&W JT9D engines installed on wide body aircraft. Airlines and cargo operators around the world use tens of thousands of these engines, and Bedek provides comprehensive MRO services for these operators. “Our services also include comprehensive support for ongoing operations, including on-wing support, supply of accessories, engine pool, and fleet asset management.

Looking to the future, Bedek plans to support the LEAP and GTF families of engines. Reconditioning of turbine blades is another new activity we are initiating, which will have the potential of reducing overall MRO cost by performing most of the work in-house, rather than using subcontractors.

Relying on IAI’s highly skilled technical and engineering specialists, familiar with the wide range of engines and required processes, IAI maintains a unique competitive edge, with the capability to perform repairs and refurbishment of components, that very few shops offer.

“The ability to perform the majority of MRO tasks in-house enables us to be more competitive and efficient, particularly in controlling the schedule and process,” Marom added.

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