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The Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Aviation Group was established in 2019 as part of a reorganisation, combining all the company’s aviation activities. The Aviation Group Bedek MRO Services has been providing aircraft maintenance and support since 1953. Bedek has the technical knowhow, together with thousands of dedicated skilled employees, experienced in the technologies and techniques, that maintain Bedek as a world leader for MRO Services. Bedek is recognised and certified by aviation authorities from around the world, such as the FAA, EASA, and CAAI.

Bedek MRO services offer aircraft operators a One-Stop-Shop for all MRO services, to maintain and operate their fleets.  We offer maintenance and overhaul of complete aircraft, aircraft engines, APUs, landing gears, and components. Bedek provides “Line” and “Base” maintenance for the Airbus 320 family, the Airbus 330 and 340, the Boeing 737 Classic and NG, the Boeing 777, 747, 757, and 767,  as well as “Line” maintenance for Boeing 787. IAI has also teamed with Airpark, to offer aircraft parking and maintenance.

Maintenance services include scheduled, unscheduled, and preventive maintenance, as well as repair, replacement and refurbishment of components. Scheduled maintenance activities include all the necessary checks and overhauls mandated by the aircraft manufacturers. Bedek also provide maintenance for hydraulic, pneumatic, and avionics equipment as well as over 10,000 individual aircraft component types, including landing gears, transmissions, gearboxes, constant speed drive units, and integrated drive generators.


IAI operates a global MRO network located in key market locations, offering services that range through all maintenance levels, including the most extensive heavy maintenance (D-check).

By having in-house capabilities under one roof, IAI is able to offer streamlined program implementation, with fast turnaround times. “Bedek has been a pioneer of the ‘Power by the Hour’ concept, offering comprehensive services for its customers, under the ‘One-Stop-Shop’ strategy.  Bedek’s One-Stop-Shop offers all the servicing requirements for complete aircraft, engines, and components, as defined by the original manufacturers. This allows customers to bring their aircraft back to full operational condition, on time and, within budget,” Says David Perez – Airframe Business Director, Bedek MRO.

Bedek is able to perform the entire range of maintenance, overhaul and repair services for Narrow and Wide body aircraft, from the aircraft level, down to the component level.  We have skilled teams to perform complex programs including heavy maintenance.  . “These abilities draw on the unique skills gained in the performance of our passenger to freight aircraft conversion programs.” Perez added.  These conversions include, refurbishment and replacement of structural elements, wiring, and unexpected repairs related to ageing aircraft which are rarely performed as part of regular MRO.  An example of this type of structural repair work, is the successfully “pickle fork” frame fittings replacement for Boeing 737-800, performed by IAI.

The ability to take on the most complex work in-house, grants Bedek a key advantage over its competitors for large and complex MRO programs.

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