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“Instant access to information”: Rusada releases inventory management app

Rusada has released its latest mobile application for its airworthiness, MRO and flight operations solution ‘ENVISION’.

‘ENVISION Stock’ allows warehouse and stores personnel to perform multiple common inventory tasks on-the-go, the software company said. Users can receive, relocate and issue stock as well as conduct inventory counts and ship assets, from a tablet or phone.

This removes the need for paper printouts and handwritten notes “as all necessary information is available within the app”, Rusada explained. It is also capable of scanning barcodes on parts or orders using the device’s camera, “thereby speeding up data entry and eliminating user errors”.

“A key focus for us over the last 18 months has been the digitisation of processes that are still being carried out via paper,” said Rusada’s CEO Julian Stourton. “So much time is wasted, and effort duplicated when users are required to perform an activity, record it on paper, go back to a desk and then update a system. ENVISION Stock does away with all this, providing users instant access to information wherever they are.

“I would like to congratulate our development teams on the launch of another excellent application and am looking forward to seeing it in use in the real world with our growing customer base.”

ENVISION Stock is available on iOS and Android devices. Rusada launched maintenance execution app ‘ENVISION Tasks’ in May.

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