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“Investing in the future”: Pratt & Whitney’s West Palm Beach Engine Center becomes fully capable GTF MRO shop

Pratt & Whitney West Palm Beach

Pratt & Whitney has completed the transformation of its West Palm Beach Engine Center into a fully capable GTF (geared turbofan) MRO shop.

The investment expands Pratt & Whitney’s global GTF MRO network.

The engine centre is the first Pratt & Whitney MRO facility to adopt an automated system that assembles the high pressure compressor rotor assembly with minimal variation and higher yield, the company said. This is said to result in streamlined turn times and improved reliability of outputs.

The facility also features a refined overhead engine handling system, which Pratt & Whitney believes results in “more efficient, cost-effective processes with improvements to safety and ergonomics”.

Pratt & Whitney’s vice president, West Palm Beach site development and operations Mary Anne Cannon commented: “This is more than just a shop; this is an investment in the future of our company to be even more customer-focused and customer-driven.

“All of the equipment and systems were designed with adaptability in mind. We took what we learned when we were an OEM shop and made refinements to ensure cost savings, efficiency, reduced turn times as well as capability and EH&S improvements along the way.”

Pratt & Whitney’s vice president, MRO Engine Centers – North American & Turkey, global operational readiness Rob Griffiths said: “It is critical that we arm our employees with the latest technologies and processes so that at the end of the day we most effectively uphold our commitments to our customers.”

The company’s general manager, West Palm Beach MRO Anthony Brodeur added: “Watching the ribbon cutting ceremony for our now fully-capable GTF MRO engine centre was a remarkable moment.

“It marked the culmination of this unique journey we’d taken, from building infrastructure while operating out of a temporary location, to overcoming challenges brought on by the pandemic, to now having a shop in front of us that we collectively created. We are no longer a temporary relief shop. We are proud to be a full, heavy maintenance capable MRO facility that’s in a great position to better serve our customers for years to come.”

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