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Kellstrom forms aftermarket partnership with Valcor subsidiary Electroid

Kellstrom Adamski

Kellstrom Aerospace has formed an aftermarket partnership with Electroid, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Valcor Engineering Corporation.

A 100 per cent yield overhaul exchange programme for OEM air separation module (ASM) part number 2030157-102 will be offered. This is the original equipment installed on production Boeing 737NG aircraft manufactured after 2008.

The ASM is an integral component of the on-board inert gas generator system (OBIGGS) for fuel tank inerting to protect against explosions by sources of ignition such as electrical shorts, bonding failures, mechanical failures of fuel pumps and lightning protection.

The 100 per cent yield overhaul exchange programme offers the OEM part number in overhauled condition with a dual release FAA/EASA 8130-3 airworthiness release. Kellstrom said this represented “the best value solution for continued airworthiness of the ASM requiring no retrofit of alternative part numbers, no aircraft modifications and no approval of an FAA/PMA top assembly as opposed to other options being offered in the market, some of which require costly aircraft modifications”.

Part number 2030157-102 ASM is eligible for installation on all 737NG models including the 737-600, 737-700, 737-800,737-900 and 737-900ER.

“Kellstrom is delighted to offer this best value aftermarket solution for 100 per cent yield overhaul exchange of air separation modules to 737NG operators worldwide who do not want to be forced into approving an FAA/PMA solution or performing aircraft modifications to accommodate an alternative OEM design at a high cost,” said Kellstrom Aerospace’s executive vice president – distribution Daniel Adamski (pictured).

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