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AMETEK MRO consolidates Avtech with Muirhead Avionics

David Bentley and Eduardo Rodriguez
photo_camera (R) David Bentley and Eduardo Rodriguez (L) oversee the installation of the ATEC equipment at Muirhead Avionics

Provider of aviation MRO services, AMETEK MRO Muirhead Avionics, has consolidated its operations and all customer support services with Avtech, one of AMETEK MRO’s businesses previously based in Miami, Florida.

The integration of the two operations, which will continue to function as separate brands, will be located at Muirhead Avionics’ new high-tech facility near London Heathrow.

David Bentley, divisional vice president and business unit manager of Muirhead Avionics, said: “The re-location of Avtech’s operations to the UK not only makes logistical and commercial sense but enables us to merge the skills of both specialist avionics MRO teams and offer unbeatable technical customer support.

“The majority of Avtech’s customers are based in Europe so we can deliver a more local service with faster TATs for both commercial and military applications.”

Muirhead Avionics already has multiple approvals from the world’s largest OEMs to repair their components and these are further enhanced with Avtech’s similar accreditations.

Bentley added: “We will be maximising AMETEK MRO’s investment in ATEC software and test equipment to target future repair releases from OEMs focused on new aircraft types.

“This technology not only broadens our scope but we see great enthusiasm amongst our highly trained technicians who are eager to establish new repair capabilities.”

The company states that the Muirhead Avionics/Avtech programme will focus on developing navigational, radio and display repairs utilising the ATEC test platform, and will be looking at developing further capability for ADIRUs, flight deck displays, and radio altimeters installed on next generation aircraft.

These services will complement existing capabilities such as EFIS/ECAM and flight control equipment for A319/A320/A321 aircraft, MCDUs and Spoiler & Elevator Computers (SEC).

As part of its focus on widebody aircraft platforms, the MRO states it is also keen to develop capabilities such as flight management computers, MCDU, flight control computers and management systems.

Bentley added: “Within our organisation there is a new energy. We’ve welcomed Riccardo Linares, vice president of Avtech, and his technical team. They are integrating the equipment arriving from Miami and inter-acting with the UK technicians, sharing ideas, and promoting new skills.

“As a joint proposition, Muirhead Avionics and Avtech create a formidable avionics centre of competence and innovation.”

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