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Announcing the Predictive Maintenance Conference 2022

Digitalisation is about to revolutionise commercial aviation, as it has done already in other industries. Predictive maintenance is at the forefront of that revolution in the commercial aviation MRO sector.

In November 2022, Real Response Media – home of the industry-leading publication MRO Management – will host the Predictive Maintenance Conference 2022 in London, UK, to assess the latest developments and the future of predictive maintenance.

A combination of increased computerisation and connectivity means new generation aircraft can generate massive amounts of data on each flight. Collecting and analysing that data across an entire airline fleet, or an entire aircraft fleet, is producing an insight into how systems and components really operate. Instead of removal for overhaul at fixed intervals, they can be continuously monitored and removed if their performance deteriorates.

This has huge potential for airlines, lessors, MROs and the supply chain, and the Predictive Maintenance Conference 2022 will seek to explore the possibilities, using case studies based on real experience from OEMs, MROs and airlines.

The Covid-19 crisis has brought predictive maintenance even further into the spotlight – providing much-needed efficiencies for those using it, and accelerating the need for the industry to collaborate (without revealing sensitive data) to find even more efficiencies in the future.

Join us in London in November [date and venue to be announced soon] as we discover how to get the best out of predictive maintenance, how to successfully collaborate with industry partners, and how, ultimately, to become more efficient and generate cost savings.

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