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Austrian Airlines to introduce the AVIATAR Technical Logbook

AVIATAR is the independent platform for digital products and services developed by Lufthansa Technik
photo_camera AVIATAR - the independent platform for digital products and services developed by Lufthansa Technik. Credit: Peter Isendahl/Lufthansa Technik AG

Austrian Airlines is to become the first Lufthansa Group airline to introduce the AVIATAR Technical Logbook in its operations.

The digital solution will allow Austria’s leading airline to reduce manual paperwork for cockpit, cabin, and maintenance crews.

Launched in 2017, AVIATAR is the independent platform for digital products and services developed by Lufthansa Technik.

The logbook offers prefilled text blocks and automated input masks that capture technical issues of an aircraft during flight and on the ground, replacing time-consuming manual entries into paper books and improving data quality and transparency.

Working on devices such as tablets, smartphones and desktop computers, the solution provides pilots with access to aircraft status anywhere and anytime. The logbook also offers back-up processes in case of connectivity issues.

Real-time data availability, directly connected with the M&E system, ensures maintenance on arrival and enables a seamless pilot-to-maintenance collaboration – leading to decreased turnaround times and costs. Additionally the standardised data structure helps airlines to gain insights into trend analytics.

Austrian Airlines’ project manager for the introduction of the logbook, Wolfgang Ramminger, said: “The AVIATAR Technical Logbook is the perfect solution for Austrian Airlines’ needs.

“At Austrian Airlines, we call it the ‘eTAL’ for electronic Technical Aircraft Logbook. Our pilots tested the innovative solution and agreed: the intuitive design makes it as easy to use as modern applications on smartphones.

“Especially the innovative OnePageView, which was developed for us by the AVIATAR team, is beneficial for our flight crews. It clearly displays all relevant information for the captain on one screen.”

Ramminger adds: “In addition to a user-friendly design, the Technical Logbook of AVIATAR also offers open interfaces for many different types of data sources, which allows flight crews and technicians to access related data within the application.

“Our streamlined and optimised processes allow us to save 2.5 metric tonnes of paper each year, which is also a key benefit for me personally and it illustrates how we benefit from the digitalisation.”

Dajana Kunz, senior manager digital products at AVIATAR, said: “I am proud to be part of the joined Austrian Airlines and AVIATAR Technical Logbook team for the introduction of the next generation eTLB (electronic technical logbook).

“It’s the most modern solution and ready for implementation, which makes it an easy choice for airlines around the globe looking for an eTLB today.

“It was great to work with the agile Austrian Airlines team and to be able to further develop the application with innovative ideas from our new customer.”

Kunz added: “Like all other solutions on our AVIATAR platform, our Technical Logbook is open to be used with any maintenance and engineering system and can be used independently of aircraft types, MRO providers, and other systems.

“In order to maintain our competitive advantage, we will continue working with all our customers in our AVIATAR Community to ensure our digital solutions will be first choice for airlines also in the future.”

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