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China Airlines extends GE90 engine support contract with AFI KLM E&M


China Airlines has extended its engine support agreement with AFI KLM E&M to cover the GE90 engines powering four additional Boeing 777 Freighters.

The initial contract dates back to June 2021, establishing an exclusive long-term partnership between the two parties on a ‘power by the hour’ (PBH) basis. This includes MRO services on engines and LRUs, engineering solutions, spare engine support and transportation, and on-wing and on-site services.

China Airlines also benefits from AFI KLM E&M’s predictive maintenance solution, Prognos for Engine.

“This extension builds upon the trust-based working relationship established between our two airlines in 2021,” said China Airlines’ senior vice president Jia-Min Sun. “Under our PBH agreement we’ve been satisfied with AFI KLM E&M’s performance, confirming its role as a partner that is both reliable and highly responsive to our needs, during a period in which China Airlines is expanding its capabilities and operations in the air freight market.”

AFI KLM E&M’s vice president sales Asia Pacific Tommaso Auriemma commented: “We are truly honoured at this latest show of faith in our ability from China Airlines. This extension further demonstrates our services’ proven track record on the GE90 product, and in a wider sense the effectiveness of our adapted maintenance solutions for cargo fleets – a particularly dynamic and strategic sector for our clients given the current international context.”

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