Iberia Maintenance returns 38 parked aircraft into service in ten months


Iberia Maintenance has returned 38 aircraft into operation from parking and storage during the last ten months.

The aircraft were parked and stored due to the travel restrictions caused by the Covid-19 crisis.

Iberia Maintenance performed required heavy checks before the aircraft were returned to service, some in combination with end of lease agreements.

Other return to operation tasks included covers removal, systems tests, and wheels and brakes checks, among others.

During the performance of the maintenance tasks, several complex repairs were required and carried out, Iberia Maintenance said. The execution of these tasks required “significant sheet metal, fitting and composites skills”, and necessitated close cooperation with OEMs to develop tailor-made solutions.

For the first time, Iberia Maintenance carried out a window frame replacement (pictured below) on an A320 attributable to two small cracks found during a routine NDT inspection. To gain access, the flight control panel, joystick and the breakers had to be removed; the primary structure was replaced and finally, the entire assembly was put together again.

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