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Japan Airlines awarded license to use GE engine wash

GE foam wash

GE Aviation has awarded Japan Airlines a technical license to use the company’s ‘360 Foam Wash’ system on its CF34-8E aircraft engines.

Japan Airlines becomes the first global CF34 engine operator – and first regional jet operator – to be licensed for the patented engine cleaning system.

GE Aviation said it awarded the license following technology testing and equipment training. Japan Airlines aircraft technicians can now perform 360 Foam Wash on their own to maintain the airline’s fleet of CF34-8E engines powering Embraer 170 aircraft and operated by Japan Airlines subsidiary J-Air.

GE said its 360 Foam Wash is an alternative to the water wash method. The process involves injecting a specially-formulated, proprietary solution that reduces build-up of deposits in the engine, which can lower engine exhaust temperatures and improve engine compressor efficiency.

The company estimates that 360 Foam Wash has the potential to save Japan Airlines up to 82,000 litres of fuel and save up to 285 metric tons of carbon emissions a year by replacing some water washes with foam wash for CF34 engine cleaning.

“GE’s 360 Foam Wash system helps us to reduce CO2 emissions,” said Japan Airlines Engineering & Maintenance’s senior vice president Ryo Tamura. “This system is part of Japan Airline’s ESG management, where we look to maintain the airplane in a way to reduce the impact on the environment. We aim to realise an affluent society where each of us can sense and hope for a brighter future.”

GE Aviation’s after market strategic solutions vice president and general manager Tom Levin commented: “GE Aviation values our longstanding relationship with Japan Airlines. The introduction of GE’s 360 Foam Wash for CF34-8E engine maintenance at Japan Airlines is the latest example of how our two companies, working together, can help keep the engine fleet flying with improved performance using advanced technologies.”

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