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Magnetic MRO introduces wheels and brakes workshop solution

Magnetic MRO has introduced a new solution that allows a “hassle-free” set-up of wheels and/or brakes workshops for customers.

The ‘Plug-in Workshop’ solution combines the offering of the equipment as well as of the prepared-to-use modules that can be installed at the customer’s location as a fully functional workshop, with installation taking minimum time, according to Magnetic MRO.

“The Plug-in Workshop is designed for the companies wishing to start their own workshop without undergoing lengthy constructions of the building as well as a selection of tooling which would be necessary for operations – our solution can provide it with all,” said Magnetic MRO’s workshop manager Margus Graf.

“It is a flexible service, too, as we can provide them as many modules for the workshop with different equipment as the customer would need for their individual work scope.”

According to Graf, the idea to offer Plug-In workshops came from the experience of the company’s previous projects. After delivering and attempting to install the equipment, Magnetic MRO professionals were facing obstacles related to construction, he noted. Fixing such issues is known to be time-consuming and therefore delays the launch of the shop. “Understandably, it is difficult for clients who are focused on their core business to refocus on the construction and development of the workshop,” said Graf. “Therefore, we want to offer them a solution where they can remain the focus of their core business, and we will take care of the construction and necessary equipment of the workshop.”

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