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Pratt & Whitney and Collins strengthen data collaboration to enhance engine health management services

Pratt & Whitney and Collins Aerospace have signed a full-flight data delivery agreement that further strengthens their collaboration. Both companies are divisions of Raytheon Technologies.

Using Collins’ ‘GlobalConnect’ solution and new full-flight data product, the companies said the collaboration would enhance engine health management services offered to Pratt & Whitney powered aircraft as part of its ‘EngineWise Insights+’ solution.

“By collaborating with a company that has longstanding relationships with many shared airline partners and industry-leading connectivity solutions, we are able to streamline data management and more immediately offer our predictive maintenance support,” said Pratt & Whitney’s vice president of aftermarket global operations Kevin Kirkpatrick.

“This agreement simplifies processes to meet our customers’ evolving needs and enhances services to keep their operations running smoothly. We are excited to be working with our sister company, Collins Aerospace, which helps to underscore the broad scope of aviation services that Raytheon Technologies offers across its portfolio.”

Pratt & Whitney said it would now be able to draw insights and pinpoint trends using an even larger data pool. By collecting thousands of parameters from sensors and systems throughout a flight, Collins’ GlobalConnect and full-flight data product can help enable and accelerate EngineWise Insights+ across the globe, it said.

Collins’ said it offered robust data governance, cyber security, and landscape monitoring, allowing the same privacy, security, and reliability that it usually provides.

“We continue to see a strong increase in the demand for analytics, predictive maintenance and data management and we are on the leading edge as we collaborate to bring best-in-class solutions to our global stakeholders in the technical operations space,” said Collins Aerospace’s president, connected aviation solutions Jen Schopfer. “As a long-time trusted innovator in aviation data and messaging, privacy and security are at the centre of everything we do as we deliver data-driven insights such as efficiency, reliability and sustainability for the industry.”

Making use of full-flight data captured from take-off to landing, Pratt & Whitney EngineWise Insights+ provides preventative maintenance recommendations that aim to optimise performance, mitigate fleet disruptions, reduce customers’ operating costs and maximise time in the air.

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