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Pratt & Whitney expands P&WCSMART portfolio for PT6A-34AG engines

Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) has added three new P&WCSMART™ offerings designed specifically for PT6A-34AG operators.

Flat Rate Overhaul Program, Propeller Strike Repair Program, and Flat Rate Engine Exchange will better support P&WC customers by providing fixed costs for major engine maintenance services, thereby eliminating price uncertainty while delivering OEM-level engine maintenance and parts, and world-class service.

Irene Makris, vice president, customer service at Pratt & Whitney Canada, a business unit of Pratt & Whitney, said: “Our P&WCSMART line-up continues to attract new and repeat customers by offering them the best value in the industry.

“Tailored to the needs of operators with mature engines, P&WCSMART solutions for PT6A-34AG are tailored to help our global aerial application customers optimise their maintenance with well-priced, no-surprise solutions aligned with their business model.

“For aircraft reaching the end of their lifecycle, maintenance costs become higher and harder to predict – but with our P&WCSMART solutions, operators can keep their mature engines economically viable for longer.”

P&WC state that the benefits of the PT6A-34AG Flat Overhaul Program include a guaranteed overhaul price and capped price for optional compressor turbine blade and limited life parts replacement, with no extra charges for engines that exceed the OEM-recommended time between overhauls or engines removed because of a propeller strike event.

Under the PT6A-34AG Propeller Strike Repair Program, P&WC customers whose engines are affected by such an event will receive up to $395,000 in parts and service for a fixed price of $175,000 (2023 pricing). This includes labour, new genuine P&WC parts, exchanges and subcontracted parts, and more.

The PT6A-34AG Flat Rate Engine Exchange programme is a cost-effective alternative to overhauling an engine, states P&WC. For a fixed price, customers benefit from receiving a freshly overhauled engine of the same model in exchange for their existing one, eliminating the need to rent an engine while theirs is being overhauled. This means there is only one engine removal and installation, not two, allowing them to reduce downtime and increase aircraft availability.

The P&WCSMART programme now includes more than 25 unique offerings spread across three portfolios: PT6A, turboshaft and PW100 engines. It features a variety of options that bring peace of mind to eligible operators, such as capped costs for major maintenance events such as overhauls and hot section inspections, engine exchanges and upgrade programmes.

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