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Revima presents ‘FlightWatching’ solution that cuts APU use and fuel costs

A digital solution that aims to cut fuel costs and carbon emissions on ground has been presented by Revima.

The ‘FlightWatching by Revima’ solution is a digital platform that connects in real time to aircraft and monitors APU use, analysing the cheapest and lowest carbon intensive power source on ground and providing live recommendations.

Revima said the solution was timely given “unprecedented” oil price volatility and the aviation industry’s need to reduce its carbon footprint.

“We are glad and enthusiastic to take our part in carbon emission reduction solutions in aviation together with offering substantial savings opportunities for airlines,” said Revima Group’s president and CEO Olivier Legrand.

Revima said that in customer tests in Asia and Europe, the APU fuel savings digital platform allowed operators to cut APU total operating costs by 10 to 50 per cent depending on aircraft type and airline operations, split into 70 per cent fuel and 30 per cent MRO.

The company said the solution also simplified Corsia reporting by providing an accurate count of carbon emissions based on aircraft verifiable data.

No aircraft modification is required and deploying the solution takes “only a couple of weeks”, according to Revima.

FlightWatching by Revima monitors APU runs in real time and live alerts are sent as soon as overuse is detected (fuel wasted by long run or by dual GPU and APU runs). Recommendations on APU optimum start times can also be sent to optimise cabin cooling depending on outside air temperature and time of departure. Whenever a cheaper and lower carbon intensive power source is available at the airport (FEGP, PCA, GPU, ACU), airlines can be notified in real-time and they can take actions.

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