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“Making a better supply chain”: SkySelect integrates with Rotabull

SkySelect has integrated with Rotabull with the intention of enhancing suppliers’ aircraft parts selling process.

SkySelect is a procurement services and technology provider. Rotabull is an all-in-one sales tool for aircraft part sellers and MROs.

This new integration automates inventory sharing to ensure the supplier is contacted for parts in stock. As a result, suppliers eliminate unnecessary manual work and achieve greater efficiency, the companies said.

The integration automates the process of uploading inventory to the SkySelect platform. The ‘catalogs’ feature allows buyers to expedite the procurement process, and Rotabull allows suppliers to focus on more strategic tasks by automating the listings process.

The second part of the integration focuses on quote automation and removing the need to input information in the SkySelect platform. Instead, a quote can be sent directly from Rotabull and instantly reflected in SkySelect.

“Through this integration, we accomplish two primary benefits for our customers,” said Rotabull’s co-founder Evan Wang. “Firstly, we make the quoting process more efficient. Secondly, we provide an additional distribution channel for parts to be sold. SkySelect is a great place to sell, so we’re excited to give our customers access to the platform.”

SkySelect’s head of supplier development Craig Skilton commented: “We’re always looking for ways and adding features to make it easier and more efficient for the suppliers as well as the buyers, and this integration does exactly that. This partnership goes a long way to making a better supply chain for everyone.”

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