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Trax launches eContent control app for records and lease returns

Trax app

Trax has launched eContent Control, a new web application designed to facilitate easy access to aircraft records and to enable more efficient lease returns.

Designed as a tool for aircraft records management, airworthiness verification, and aircraft or engine sales and transitioning, it  delivers a high-volume, high-accuracy Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution that can transform massive volumes of unstructured and image-based documents into fully searchable PDF and PDF/A assets.

With eContent Control, customers are able to manage a single aircraft or entire fleet using the compliance and maintenance data from a Trax system of record. Functionality allows for views of logbook records, Task Cards, compliance data, parts inventory, transaction history, back-to-birth traceability, and associated certifications.

Users can search for specific airworthiness directives, service bulletins, and certificates of release to service for any aircraft in the fleet within seconds.

The app facilitates the rapid and successful return of leased aircraft, engines, APUs, and landing gear. eContent Control potentially reduces the resources required for dedicated redelivery teams by assisting existing technical records teams to prepare a lease return package using real-time data quickly and easily.

The cost of human errors and additional workload are reduced due to the automation and better visibility of record exceptions via the portal, which can be securely accessed by third parties. Reporting is available in multiple formats, and export to Excel or Spec 2500 electronic data format is standard.

The TRAX eContent Control app replaces the Aircraft Lease Return Portal App with its expanded technical records functionality. The app improves the value of your eMRO or Trax M&E software with its ease of access to digitised data and improved redeliveries.

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