Vallair ramps up widebody MRO capabilities at Châteauroux hangar with heavy A330 check

Vallair has completed its first A330-200 twelve-year check for a major lessor at its new widebody maintenance facility in Châteauroux, which fully opened for business in August.

“This was our first A330-200 maintenance check in Vallair’s new MRO facility at Marcel Dassault Airport in Châteauroux – a 6Y/12Y check with landing gear change,” said Vallair’s head of commercial & marketing Malcolm Chandler. “The aircraft had been stored in the US prior to coming into Châteauroux for its heavy check and transfer to the next operator.

“During the check our technicians discovered major corrosion on the wings which necessitated the aircraft being placed into ZERO G, a significant pylon repair was also required. The team also managed the full paint process with our partners in Châteauroux. These different operations, all of which dictated specific aircraft configurations, required critical work coordination and scheduling.”

Some weeks after starting this first check Vallair started its second A330 MRO line. A C-Check was inducted on an A330-300 Trent powered aircraft last month. This aircraft had also been in storage and needed to be made ready for transition to its new operator, Vallair said.

On completion of that C-Check, Vallair has now inducted a further A330-200 for a 6Y/12Y heavy check which also includes a landing gear change, and full repaint paint with an imminent transfer to an operator in the Far East.

A further 6Y/12Y heavy maintenance check commenced mid-October and according to Chandler A330 bookings are “extremely healthy with a number of airlines and lessors booking slots way into 2023”.

“To achieve this programme so far, Vallair has made a significant investment in both technicians, project managers, and tooling to enable this impressive ramp up,” he said. “Naturally there have been issues to deal with along the way, but the new team, in a new facility, has risen to the challenge.”

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