Wizz Air cleared to use Lufthansa Technik electronic technical logbook after reporting reduction in maintenance costs


Wizz Air has received approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to use Lufthansa Technik’s electronic technical logbook in daily operations.

The electronic technical logbook is part of Lufthansa Technik’s AVIATAR platform for digital products and services.

The paperless operation has been rolled out fleet-wide for three months on more than 140 aircraft registered in Hungary, with reductions in maintenance costs already reported. Wizz Air said calls at its maintenance control centre dropped by more than 25 per cent.

AVIATAR’s technical logbook offers prefilled text blocks and automated input masks. This enables pilots to record technical issues in real time, which are synchronised when an internet connection is available. Lufthansa Technik said it can reduce manual efforts by up to 50 per cent and improve data quality as well as transparency.

The new solution works with any hardware device and provides pilots with access to aircraft status “anywhere and anytime”. It also offers back-up processes in case of connectivity issues. Real-time data availability, directly connected with the maintenance and engineering system, ensures maintenance on arrival and enables a seamless pilot-to-maintenance collaboration, according to Lufthansa Technik.

Wizz Air’s head of engineering and maintenance Diogo Reu commented: “Our assumptions prove to be true: With the introduction of the technical logbook we already experience data quality, reliability and airworthiness control enhancement supporting our technical and operational performance. The seamless integration of AVIATAR with our MRO software and archiving application is also a quantum leap. All of this combined strongly supports our commitment to sustainability and  Wizz Air being the greenest choice of air travel.”

Mona Stuenckel, senior director digital solutions automation & technology of AVIATAR at Lufthansa Technik said: “The EASA approval of the technical logbook in Hungary is a big milestone for AVIATAR. We already have the next countries and airlines in the approval process who will profit from a paperless cockpit and maintenance processes.”

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