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Lufthansa Technik launches MRO Management solution for sourcing, monitoring and accounting

Lufthansa Technik is expanding its digital ‘AVIATOR’ platform with a new ‘MRO Management’ solution.

Customers can now use one solution for asset sourcing, monitoring of their MRO events and accounting functionalities, the company said. “Accessibility independent of location and time, as well as the visualisation of all details in a structured and standardised form, enable users to take immediate action when needed,” Lufthansa Technik added.

The ‘Sourcing’ application provides transparent availability of all materials – currently including LRUs (line replaceable units), ARCs (aircraft related components), C&E (consumables & expendables) and tools. Customers can search for part numbers or descriptions, find alternative materials and filter for certificates, condition or location, Lufthansa Technik noted. Quotations can be requested directly through the application.

The ‘Monitoring’ function provides an up-to-date overview of all planned, current and completed MRO events, the company added. “Based on the details provided in a structured and standardised way, critical issues can be spotted immediately and actions can be taken via streamlined communication and fully digital approval processes,” said Lufthansa Technik. The function is currently available for base maintenance, engine and landing gear events – including the possibility for live video conference calls from the workshop.

Finally, the ‘Accounting’ function provides users with an up-to-date overview of all invoices, due dates and disputes.

“Our newly introduced MRO Management solution transforms the collaboration of airlines and MRO providers,” said Lufthansa Technik’s vice president digital fleet services Philip Mende. “By digitalising the entire process in one single place, we simplify and streamline the vast amount of information and communication flowing back and forth between an MRO and the aircraft operator. We are looking forward to integrate even more features in the coming months together with Lufthansa Technik business units and other MRO providers.”

AVIATAR is an independent platform for digital products and services developed by Lufthansa Technik. It was launched in 2017, with products ranging from predictive maintenance to fulfilment and automated solutions.

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