Magnetic Engines hails “big change” as it performs first CFM56-7B combustion chamber replacement

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Magnetic Engines has performed its first combustion chamber replacement on a CFM56-7B engine.

The service was added to the Magnetic MRO subsidiary’s capabilities list after the purchase of new tooling last year. It is one of the first projects undertaken since the new brand launch last month and under the Magnetic Engines name.

Above: The process of the repair was captured on camera

“This was a historical event for the engine shop, a small step for mankind but a big change for us,” said Magnetic Engines’ executive sales director Alexey Ivanov.

“We strongly believe that demand for light and hospital repairs will grow even higher as the airlines and asset owners [try] to optimise cash flow and perform lighter repairs or modular replacements where possible, postponing overhauls for the future.

“And our newly extended capabilities when we can offer hospital repair in the engine hot section, replacement of LPT Major module and partial repair of LPT Major module, replacement of Fan modules, and so on will allow us to support the majority of hospital repairs on CFM56-3, CFM56-5B and CFM56-7B engine types and provide airlines and asset owners with fast and efficient repair solutions.”

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