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Magnetic MRO and Atlantic Jet Support agree partnership deal

Magnetic MRO and Atlantic Jet

Magnetic MRO and Atlantic Jet Support have entered into a partnership agreement.

The agreement covers spare parts sourcing and supply, technical support and repair management. It aims to expand the companies’ spare parts offering and maintenance capabilities while improving delivery times.

“One of our goals is the continuous expansion of our partnerships around the globe, and [this partnership] adds a lot of value for both us here at Magnetic MRO and for our customers,” said Magnetic MRO’s head of trading department Airina Kacientaite-Krake.

“As AJS is based in the USA, where Boeing is the dominant aircraft type, it also allows consolidating our strengths when supporting customers, operating these aircraft (but not limited to) globally.

“Additionally, the pandemic has taught us the increased importance of both partnerships in different locations, which allows us to tailor offers and provide support when needed more promptly and in the most efficient and cost-effective way – and I am positive this is just that type of the partnership.”

Atlantic Jet Support is a Florida, US-based aviation supplier whose services span commercial, corporate and general aviation, including parts supply, technical support, evaluation service and repair management.

CFO Sarunas Rackauskas commented: “Atlantic Jet Support strives to continuously expand our product and service offerings to our customers. As we enter a new world following the Covid-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to have strong partnerships in different aviation centres around the globe.

“We believe Magnetic MRO represents exactly that kind of partner, with strong client relationships in Europe and Asia that complement our US presence and expand our Airbus product and maintenance offers to our clients. As a result of this partnership, all of our airline customers will benefit from even faster response, broader service offers and more competitive pricing than ever before.”

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