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Magnetic MRO and Avioparts reach consignment stock agreement

Magnetic MRO and Avioparts have signed a consignment stock agreement covering the supply of ATR tyres.

Avioparts is a supplier of lubricants, aircraft parts and logistic solutions for aircraft maintenance, and has been operating since 1993.

“We have already been working closely with Avioparts for a few years, thus the recent agreement is a step further in our partnership with them – and we are thrilled to start this new chapter as we are always striving to optimise our supply chain and stock management across the company,” said Magnetic MRO’s head of supply chain Kaarle Karp.

“I am positive this partnership will be beneficial not only to both parties but to our customers also as it will increase tyre maintenance effectiveness and provide superior service to flight operators.”

Avioparts’ president and CEO David Fojon commented: “Avioparts is very proud to be supporting Magnetic MRO with aircraft tyres, along with other consumable requirements like lubricants, hydraulic fluids, greases and chemicals.

“We are especially pleased to demonstrate the flexible arrangements we have in place for them giving them the edge over their competitors in auto stock replenishment.”

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