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Magnetic MRO Training receives Part-147 online training approval

Magnetic MRO Training has received Part-147 Online Training Approval from ECAA.

The company says it is already performing its first synchronous distance learning in Airbus A320 Type Training. While the theoretical part is done virtually, both the examination and practical training will be done on location at a Part-147 approved facility.

Kristiin Koll, training coordinator at Magnetic MRO Training says the company has noticed an increase in demand for online training since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. “Since our main goal is to respond to the needs of the industry, we started working right away to receive this approval. As the whole process took several months, we are happy to finally receive it and already start with the first training.”

“Although at the beginning of the year we could not have imagined such demand in online training, now it seems like a ‘new normal’ and has quite some benefits: such courses are flexible, cost less than physical training and allow trainees to adapt training to everyday life – so we are not expecting this trend to end any time soon.”

The company also revealed that, responding to the situation in the industry, it has revised its training plan, with the revised focus being Airbus A320 B1/B1&B2 Type Training, Airbus A320NEO LEAP 1A Differences Training, B737NG B1/B1&B2 Type Training and B737NG from B737CL Differences Training.

Magnetic MRO specialises in a wide range of MRO services, including engine management, line and base maintenance, components, landing gear solutions, engineering service, interior solutions and full aircraft painting.

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