Mentis Aviation Group partner with KP Aviation on aircraft, engine and parts sourcing & distribution


Mentis Aviation Group (MAG) has entered into an agreement with KP Aviation (KPA) to partner in parts distribution around China.

The partnership will include the sourcing of aircraft and engines to process through MAG’s ‘Tear Down and Recycling’ facility in Hefei City, China.

The agreement will provide additional leverage and support to MAG to sell and distribute parts to customers worldwide once aircraft assets are successfully harvested in the recycling phase, the companies said.

“KP Aviation bring 20 years of aviation expertise providing high-quality materials and services to the fixed-wing aviation marketplace. Working with KP Aviation will expand our international reach and services, thus enabling us to fully maximise returns on key aircraft assets we recycle in Hefei,” said MAG’s founder and CEO Lydia Sheng.

“The cooperation will also enable us to secure aircraft from aircraft from around the world and bring those to our facility in Hefei for recycling, followed by sales of the parts globally.”

KPA’s CEO and co-foudner Kim Schulze added: “Over the past five years, KPA has focused on the expansion of our global footprint, opening offices in the United Kingdom, Spain, and South Africa in support of our EMEA customer base.

“With China currently being the second largest domestic aviation market in the world, in addition to being the fastest growing market with a year over year 9.5 per cent passenger traffic growth rate, it comes as no surprise that China is expected to take over the number one spot, making it our obvious next choice for location expansion.

“Through our collaborative efforts with Mentis Aviation Group, KP Aviation gains a trusted partner to handle the dismantling, material processing, marketing and sales of our inventory, further enabling the company to establish a reputable presence in the region.”

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