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Metrojet Engineering Clark completes Bombardier Challenger 300/350 NDT and base checks

Metrojet Engineering Clark (MEC) teams have successfully carried out non-destructive testing (NDT) and base check support for both a Bombardier Challenger 300 and a Bombardier Challenger 350.

The diligent work of its highly experienced engineers involved conducting comprehensive checks and NDT procedures for each aircraft.

The meticulous examination of the Challenger 300 was completed over a span of 21 days, ensuring that every aspect of the aircraft was thoroughly inspected.

Similarly, the assessment for the Challenger 350 was conducted in just three days, reflecting the expertise and efficiency of the team.

The NDT process served a crucial purpose, enabling engineers to identify and analyse any flaws, irregularities, or structural issues within the material and components of the aircraft.

The NDT was carried out without causing any damage or alteration to the different parts of the aircraft, ensuring its structural integrity and overall safety.

By successfully executing these tasks, MEC has significantly expanded its capabilities and reinforced its position as a reliable and comprehensive MRO service provider.

This accomplishment allows MEC to offer its customers a wider range of inclusive and credible services, ensuring their aircraft receive the highest standards of maintenance and care.

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