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MTU Maintenance and Mammoth Freighters partner for GE90 maintenance

Mammoth Freighters has signed a cooperation and support agreement with MTU Maintenance.

MTU Maintenance has been designated as the preferred partner for all engine maintenance needs for Mammoth Freighters’ 777 P2F conversion programme.

The agreement covers scheduled and unscheduled GE90-110/115B engine maintenance, on- and off-wing support, engine leasing, engine trend monitoring and engine ground support equipment needs and requirements.

“Engine performance and fuel efficiency for our next generation 777-200LRMR and -300ERMF freighters are primary selling features of our conversion programme. We are delighted to be partnering with MTU Maintenance for our GE90-110/115B needs,” said Mammoth Freighters’ co-CEO Bill Tarpley.

“MTU and their highly customised support strongly enhances our conversion programme offering. Teaming with MTU will enable our customers to access world-class GE90-110/115B engine technical support and cost-effective solutions for both the conversion process and following the delivery of our aircraft.”

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