OEMServices unveils predictive maintenance solution to improve reliability and supply chain impacts

OEMServices Didier Granger

OEMServices has launched a predictive maintenance solution combining OEM supply chain logistics and component MRO integrated services.

‘100% Flyback Guarantee’ provides real time flight data advanced analytics using cloud-based technology and accessibility “to better manage the entire fleet of customer assets”, the company said.

Airlines will see component reliability monitored and outstation inventory optimised, OEMServices explained, resulting in operational interruption reductions and cost savings. The 100% Flyback Guarantee solution aims to improve flight dispatch reliability, optimise supply chain management and reduce maintenance visits through optimal asset management.

Health monitoring data built into the digital twin technology will prolong component lifecycles, it added.

“By using the new technologies, OEMServices is now in a capacity to bring innovations in services, in a sector that has been traditionally facing issues of sustainability and the burden of assets,” said president and CEO Didier Granger.

“This newer generation service will improve the flight programme’s reliability and the overall supply chain impacts. It is the first of its kind ever proposed to the airlines and surely not the last one that OEMServices will bring to its customers.”

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