RwandAir goes live with TRAX MRO software

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RwandAir has gone live with TRAX’s ‘eMRO’ software.

The airline said its aim was to “enhance efficiency, lower costs and expand operations” by replacing its legacy system with the fully integrated web-based MRO software product.

The TRAX eMRO product enables reliable communication and data flow between the various facets of an operation. RwandAir anticipates that the ability to have real time data will lead to reduced turnaround times and increased time to report and repair issues.

The eMRO solution also enables users to rapidly find spare parts and tools and electronically sign off tasks at any location, such as from the hangar or when carrying out time sensitive line repairs, TRAX said.

The software is deployed via any web browser, and maintenance operations can be managed from a desktop or remotely from a phone or tablet.

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