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Scandinavian Airlines latest to join Airbus’ Skywise open data platform

Scandinavian Airlines is to apply Airbus’ ‘Skywise’ health monitoring solution across its A320, A330 and A350 family fleet after signing a five-year contract with the aircraft manufacturer.

Skywise is an enterprise data platform which aims to drive digital collaboration across the aerospace value chain by capturing information from all upstream processes, including design, engineering, manufacturing and combining it with in-service data and maintenance support.

For Scandinavian, Skywise will support its maintenance and engineering departments to identify, prioritise, analyse and handle in-service events. Airbus said this would enable quicker decision-making and aircraft on-time dispatch while also minimising ‘aircraft on ground’ risks, “helping the airline save time and reduce the cost of unscheduled aircraft maintenance”.

By adopting Skywise, Scandinavian will integrate its operational, maintenance, and aircraft data into the Skywise cloud, so the carrier can store, access, manage, and analyse selected Airbus data, together with own data as well as global benchmarks without the need for additional infrastructure investments. This resulting value will provide new insights at aircraft, fleet and company level while allowing the operator to enhance their operations through access to OEM expertise and global fleet context.

“We are very pleased to see our long-time partner Scandinavian Airlines join the Skywise family,” said Airbus’ head of commercial services Europe Charbel Youzkatli.

“We firmly believe that with Skywise and SAS’ continual push for innovative solutions we will see them propelled to new levels of productivity and efficiency. I want to warmly thank SAS for their trust and confidence.”

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